Original name: (Pilot/ پیلوت)

Drama, 100 min, 2019, Iran

Writer & Director: Ebrahim Ebrahimian

 Cast: Javad Ezzati, Hamid Azarang, Behdokht Valian, Saeed Aghakhani, Banipal Shomon, Parivash Nazaryeh   


Vahid comes to Tehran to stop the surgery of his four-year-old son Soheil but he finds out he has passed away during the surgery. Vahid blames his ex-wife Fahimeh for the death of Soheil, and believes that her selfish decision got his son killed. Soheil’s death is a new chapter in the relationship between Vahid and Fahimeh, with all of their unsaid words

Director’s Profile:

Born in 1982 in Tehran, Ebrahim Ebrahimian is a scriptwriter and director who holds an MA in cinema from Soureh University.

  • OBIT                    2014
  • DUBLAND          2019
  • ZERO FLOOR    2019