Original name: (Zaferanieh, July 5/ زعفرانیه، 14 تیر)

Drama, 2019, Color, Iran

Director: Seied Ali Hashemi

Writer: Jaber Ghasemali

Producer: Soleiman Ali Mohamad

Cast: Mehdi Hashemi, Hengameh Ghaziani , Nazanin Baiati , Ali Ghasemi Masoud Raigan , Linda Kiani


After a two-month trip, Mahrokh, young daughter of Anousheh family, returns home to her wealthy family mansion in the northern Tehran. She says she has a surprise for her loving mother and father. They find out she is getting married but to whom? She introduces the future husband the very next day but this introduction begins a chain reaction among her loving family!  

Director’s Profile:

Born In 1977 , Bachelor Of Theater Directing From The Azad University ( Art and Architecture Branch ) , Director Of 11 Plays , Director Of 2 Short Films Called Arezoo and The Next Morning , Assistant and Cinema Planner Since 1999