Original name: (Sal-e Dovvom-e Danehkadeh-ye Man/ سال دوم دانشگاه من)

Drama, 99 min, 2019, Iran

Director: Rasoul Sadrameli
Writer: Parviz Shahbazi
Producer: Masood Radaei
Cast: Soha Niasti (Mahtab), Fereshteh Arastouie (Ava), Ali Mosaffa (Ava’s Father), Pedram Sharifi (Ali), Babak Hamidian (Mansour), Vishka Asayesh (Ms. Nozad), Shaghayegh Farahani (Mahtab’s Mother).


There are two close friends, two university girls, going on an excursion to Isfahan. After an accident one of them falls into a coma, for the other one, any confrontation turns to be a new challenge. Confrontations with her own mother, sister, and fiancé, her sleeping friend, her parents and most of all her best friend’s boyfriend who she has been getting closer and closer with.

Director’s Profile:
Born in Isfahan in 1953, Rasoul Sadrameli began his career as a journalist and then won the scholarship for studying sociology in France. He returned to Iran and produced Amir Ghavidel’s RAIN of BLOOD in 1981. One year later, Sadrameli directed his debut feature, THE RELEASE, which was followed by some of the box- office hits of the Iranian film industry – including THE CHRYSANTHEMUMS (an award-winning melodrama at Fajr and Pyongyang) and PAIZAN. His international breakthrough came with highly-acclaimed THE GIRL IN THE SNEAKERS which won many awards in prestigious film festivals as Berlin and Cairo. With the triumph of I’M TARANEH, 15 in Locarno and Rennes, he gained much more recognition in world cinema. Sadrameli has also served as a jury member in numerous international and national film festivals.
Filmography: 1982- The Release; 1983-The Chrysanthemums, 1987-Paizan; 1991- The Victim; 1992- Tehran Symphony; 1999- The Girl in the Sneakers; 2002- I’m Taraneh, 15; 2005- Last Night I Saw Your Dad, Aida!; 2008- The Night; 2008- Every Night, Loneliness; 2011- Living With The Closed Eyes; 2012- Waiting For Miracle; 2019- My Second Year in College.

Festivals & Awards:

  • Winner Best Actress (Soha Niasti). Moscow International Film 2019
  • Shanghai International Film Festival 2019
  • Singapore South Asian International Film Festival 2019
  • Fajr National Film Festival 2019