Original name: (Zendani/ زندانی)

Drama, 2018, Australia

Written & Directed by: Ali Mozaffari

Produced by: Liubov Korpusova

Cast:Rigoberto Mendoza


‘The Prisoner’ is a drama about an artist named Adamwho is imprisonedwith a long sentence. Whilst incarcerated he is prevented from creating any art form. Put in a cell that has only a window to the world, Adam faces disappointment and his effort to create art in his cell is responded violently. He goes on a hunger strike in return, but while in despair, he finds a way to escape his imprisonment and let his imagination fly free. 

Director’s Profile:

Ali Mozaffari is a Melbourne based writer/ director and part time photographer, originally from Iran.

Ali immigrated to Australia in 2015 and started making a few short films with independent film groups since 2015. He made a few short fiction and documentary films but never released any of those works to festivals. He also worked as a behind the scenes and stills photographer on short films as well as an assistant director and script supervisor.

He is also active in writing articles and reviews on film and has had his works published by his home magazines in Iran as well as websites in Australia. In 2018 he applied for the foundation course at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne and has made two short films including his end of year project which is ‘The Prisoner’.