Original name: (Symphony-e Shomareh-ye 9/ سمفونی شماره9)

Comedy/Fantasy, 93min, 2019, Color, Iran

Director: Mohammadreza Honarmand

Writer: Mohammadreza Honarmand , Hamed Afzali

Producer: Zeinab Taghvaei

Cast: Hamid Farokhnejad, Sareh Bayat, Mohammarreza Forootan, Mehrdad Sedighiyan, Pejman Bazeghi, Hoda Zeynolabedin, Alireza Kamali, Marivin Vankhol, Hamid Molana


Rahil is a surgeon and has lost her husband during surgery. She decides to kidnap her husband’s body and bury him next to his parents based on his will, although his husband’s family disagrees with it. On the way, Rahil confronts the Angel of Death and realizes she no longer has the chance to fulfill her husband’s wish. But surprisingly the Angel of Death in his last mission on earth falls in love with Rahil instead of transporting her soul and this is against the rules!

Director’s Profile:

Mohammad Reza Honarmand was Born in Tehran in 1953, and earned a degree in telecommunication electronics. He began his artistic career by creating the theatrical group “Chaplin” in 1969, and later participated in a variety of theatrical productions as a stage actor. Honarmand has stablished himself as a prominent screen writer and director, working in a variety of genres. Honarmand has won numerous awards, including the Roma Fiction and Hafez awards for best direction.

Filmography: The Death of the Other (1982), The Bells (1986), Footsteps on the Sand (1988), The Dolls Thief (1990), The Visit (1995), The Changed Man (1998), Mummy 3 (2000), I am not in mood my dear! (2002). He has also written and directed Cactus series in three seasons (54 episodes), Under the Blade (19 episodes-2007), and The Chef (26 episodes-2010).