Original name: (Zapata/ زاپاتا)

Iran, 2022 – 2023, 78 min.

Director: Danesh Eqbashavi

Producer: Iraj Taghipour

Cast:  Reza Massoudi, Mahya Sadr, Amir Samavati, Iman Gheiratmand, Mani

Sedighi, Elham Shakib.


Shahrzad, a young writer, tries to help her cousin, Amir, who struggling to raise money for his next film. She decides to film the different stages of their daily lives through her cellphone. But Amir puts his own life, Shahrzad’s and the film they are making, on a course of unexpected events.

Director’s Profile:

Danesh Eqbashavi, (also known as Danesh Eghbashavi), born in 1979 – Abadan, IRAN. He began his career as a short and documentary filmmaker in 1998, and was succeeded to achieve several national awards. He has also been working as the programmer and assistant of many renowned film directors. In

the meantime, he has some experiences in acting and TV series’ productions.

He is known as an emerging talent in Iran’s cinema with the production of his

acclaimed feature film “Taj-Mahal” in 2013 which won the Golden Award from

the Malaysian Film Festival. He also nominated as the best director in

Montreal Film Festival and Fajr Film Festival. “Zapata” is Danesh

Eqbashavi’s third film.

Festivals & Awards:

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2023

*Premiere Status: Australian Premiere