Original name: (Judith-Romina)

AUS, 2022, psychological drama, 17min.

Written & Directed & Produced by: Ali Mozaffari
Cast: Sal Galofaro, Tabassom Ostad, Rory O’Brien


Romina is a young emerging actor who has landed a role in a film/ play based on Gustav Klimt’s
painting of Judith. She seems to be keeping this and her love life a secret from her dad who’s a very
traditional and conservative immigrant Iranian man in today’s Australia. Meanwhile, the father is
struggling with ominous dreams and knows more than what Romina thinks. And this might cost both
a heavy price…

  • *Premiere Status: Australian Premiere

Sydney: 18 Nov – 18:00 pm

Canberra: 18 Nov – 20:00 pm

Melbourne: 25 Nov – 16:00 pm

Perth: 9 Dec – 18:15 pm