Original name: (Suite Night / شب سوییت)

Short film, Iran, 2022, 13min.

Writer & Directed & Producer: Mahtab Pishghadam
Cast: Aysan Ghanbari, Osveh Sadeghi, Majid Araghi, jamshid Bahdori, Narges Razavi.


Suite Night is based on a true story. A young woman is desperately attempting to help a loved one abandoned by
everyone else. Yasi and Raha , two girls who are rejected by everyone and everything. Yasi tried everything she
could to make the last appointment to raha before she was taken to solitary confinement. Raha fears the rumors
that if a girl is virgin before her execution, her virginity must be taken by a man, more than she fears death. Yasi
does everything in her power not to let her girlfriend get executed!

  • *Premiere Status: Australian Premiere

Sydney: 21 Nov – 19:00 pm

Melbourne: 28 Nov – 19:00 pm

Brisbane: 5 Dec – 19:00 pm

Perth: 12 Dec – 19:00 pm