Original name: (Silent Glory / شکوه خاموش)

Iran, 2022, 95 min.

Written and directed by: Nahid Hassanzadeh

Producers: Fery Malek – Madani, Nahid Hassanzadeh

Cast:  Jila Shahi, Hossein Mahjoob, Majid Potki, Saghi Zinati, Amin Ali Shahsavari, bahman Sadegh Hasani.


Having no suitor, thirty-five-year-old Rohan agrees to marry Mahi, an old man who had been the village teacher for many years. Mahi is now the caretaker of the village shrine in whose healing power he does not believe. Rohan begins her new life in a small room in the shrine. She meets a young boy who has taken refuge in the sanctuary of the shrine to be healed. When the boy dies suddenly, Rohan loses all her belief like her husband. The fanatic villagers do not tolerate the presence of two heathens in the shrine and the village anymore.


Director’s Profile:

Born in 1974 in Mianeh – Iran, Nahid Hassanzadeh studied filmmaking in Iranian Young Cinema Society.

She made many short films and documentaries; some took part in international film festivals. Silent Glory is her second feature film.

Festivals & Awards:

  • Kazan Int’l Muslim Film Festival 2022, Winner of Grand Prize for the Best Film – Winner of Best Actress Award – Winner of NETPAC Award
  • 28th Kolkata Int’l Film Festival 2022, Winner of Special Jury Award
  • 15th Elles Tournent Film Festival 2023, Belgium (Agnes Prize Competition)

*Premiere Status: Australian Premiere