Original name: (خرها)

Short Film, Iran, 14min

Director: Nader Farahwaschy

Screenplay & produced by Nader Farahwaschy  & Amin Seqatchi

Production manager Ali  Najarian  Darian

Cast: Ali Bagheri, Amir Janani, Behzad Dourani, Esmaiel Ameri


Two estranged brothers are facing existential troubles. Behrouz unexpectedly joins his brother Sina, who is about to drive a mysterious cargo into the desert landscape of eastern Iran. A film about disillusionment and rescue, loud in its sentiment and silent in what we perceive.


Born in Germany, Nader Farahwaschy spent most of his childhood in Iran. When he was nine years old and in the midst of the Iranian Revolution, he returned to Germany. At a young age he developed a passion for acting and photography, joining theater groups and taking acting lessons. After school he studied medicine and worked as a surgeon before re-entering the field of filmmaking.  He was nominated for the German Short Film Award with his directorial debut Dying Twice (2012).