Original name: (Chicheka/ چی چکا)

Documentary/Biography/Music, 97min, 2020,  Iran

Director & Producer: Raha Faridi

Stars: Ebrahim Monsefi, Rahman Rokni, Reza Koolghani & …


“Chicheka Lullaby” is a music and anthropological documentary. It pictures the life story of the influential musician of south of Iran, Ebrahim Monsefi. He was an alternative artist in challenge with his society who lived a creative life with a strong sense of humor combined with depression. He died 20 years ago in poverty and drug addiction but created 100s of lyrics and recorded more than 200 songs with a small cassette player

Director’s Profile:

Raha Faridi (born 27 October 1980 in Tehran) is an Iranian experimental artist, independent filmmaker, radio producer, civil activist and storyteller. She produces audio-visuals independently as a solo artist. She has worked on a variety of subjects, including anthropology, music, gender equality, environment, art and culture.

Premiere Status: Australian Premiere