Original name: (3 kam Habs/ سه کام حبس)

Drama, 95 min, 2020,  Iran

Director & Writer: Saman Salour

Producer: Sasan Salour

Cast: Mohsen Tanabande, Parinaz Izadyar, Samira Hasanpour, Matin Sotoude, Amin Miri, Maryam, Boubani, Yadollah Shadmani, Fateme Neyshabouri, Alireza Mehran, Mahmoud Nazaraliyan.


Mojtaba and Nasim are a young couple who just had a baby. They are not rich and they reside in a poor area in the south of Tehran, yet they are relatively happy. Mojtaba sells disposable plastic dishes and Nasim makes plastic dolls at home. One day Mojtaba gets in an accident and Nasim does all she can to save her family in his absence. But, things change when she finds out that her beloved husband is actually dealing drugs in order to make money and that he has lost his job for more than a year now. Mojtaba owes a big chunk of money to the drug lord. Nasim finds herself in a difficult situation. To save her husband, she has no choice but to sell the remaining of the drugs herself.

Director’s Profile:

Born in 1976, BA in Film Directing from Soureh University.

Participant at the Cannes and Venice international film festival. Winner of the Golden Leopard at

Lucarno International Festival in Switzerland and Golden Montgolfiere at the Festival des 3 Continents in

Nantes, France as well.

Festivals & Awards:

-International Film Festival of India (2021)

Premiere Status: Australian Premiere