Original name: (Jenayat-E Bi Deghat/جنایت بی دقت)

Crime/Drama, Iran, 2020, 134min

Director : Shahram Mokri

Producer: Negar Eskandarfar

Writer: Nasim Ahmadpour , Shahram Mokri

Cast: Babak Karimi, Razieh Mansouri, Abolfazl Kahani, Mohammad Sareban, Adel Yaraghi, Mahmoud Behraznia, Behzad Dorani.


Forty years ago, during the uprising to overthrow the Shah’s regime in Iran, protestors set fire to movie theatres as a way of showing opposition to Western culture. Many cinemas were burned down. In one tragic case, a theatre was set on fire with four hundred people inside, most of whom were burned alive. Forty years have passed and, in contemporary Iran, four individuals also decide to burn a cinema down. Their intended target is a theatre showing a film about an unearthed, unexploded missile. Will past and present meet?

Director’s Profile:

Born in Kermanshah, Iran, on 17 August 1978, Shahram Mokri graduated in cinema from Tehran’s Soureh College. He’s been making short films since 2000 and has edited 8 TV dramas, 2 TV series and over 20 successful short fictions and documentaries. ‘Ashkan, The Charmed Ring and Other Stories’, his debut feature film, had its international premiere at Busan IFF in 2009. ‘Fish & Cat’, his second feature, was selected at the 70th Venice International Film Festival and won the special Orizzonti Award for innovative content. ‘Invasion’, his third feature, was selected at the 2017 Berlinale. All his films have had great success, both with film critics and the public

Festivals & Awards:

*WINNER, Best Original Screenplay, Venice Film Festival (2020)

*WINNER, Silver Hugo Jury Prize, Chicago International Film Festival (2020)

*WINNER , Best Scriptwriter at the 19th Dhaka International Film Festival (2021)

*Premiere Status: Australian Premiere