Original name: (Roshan / روشن)

Iran, 2021, 100 min

Written and directed by: Rouhollah Hejazi

Producers: Rouhollah Hejazi, Javad Norouzbeigi

Cast: Reza Attaran, Sara Bahrami, Siamak Ansari, …


Forty-year-old Roshan is totally broke! He has paid all he had for a flat in a complex whose construction does not seem to end! His wife Maryam thinks he is passive about life and his family, even about Maryam’s affair with a close friend! When Maryam asks for a divorce and the court awards the custody of their six-year-old daughter to her, Roshan finds himself a big loser in life. Now it is time for him to do something and to prove he is not the person he used to be any more.  


Director’s Profile:

Rouhollah Hejazi is an Iranian Film Director, Writer and Producer. Born in Abadan in 1979, Hejazi directed his first short film, “Start”, in 1995, then followed up with ten more, shown at domestic and international festivals.

He directed television dramas before making his debut feature film “Among the Clouds” in 2008, Which garnered several awards at festivals around the world. His second feature film, “The Private Life of Mr. & Mrs. M” (2012) and Third Film, “The Wedlock” (2013) were shown at numerous international film festivals too. His other produced movies are “Death of the Fish” (2015) and “The Dark Room” (2018), The movie, “The Dark Room” was named best film at the 5th Hanoi International Film Festival (HANIFF) and Kerala International Film Festival, Also, he have won best screenplay at Asian Film Festival Barcelona (CASA ASIA) for “The Dark Room” in 2019.His other awards are Crystal Simorgh of best film from Fajr Film Festival for “Among the Clouds” in 2008 and the NETPAC Award from Asia Pacific Film Festival for “wedlock”. Thus, he has received nominations of Grand Prix des Ameriques from Montreal World Film Festival for “The Private Life of Mr. & Mrs. M” in 2013 and New Voices/New Visions Grand Jury Prize from Palm Spring International Film Festival for the movie “Among the Clouds” in 2008.

Festivals & Awards:

Winner Best Actor in a Leading Role (Reza Ataran) Fajr Film Festival 2021.

*Premiere Status: Australian Premiere