Original name: (گاو آمریکایی)

Short Film, Iran, 15min

Producer,  Writer &  Director:  Fatemeh  Tousi

Production  Manager:  Emad  salmanian

Producer:  Majid  Eydan

Cast: Ali Akbar  sharhanzadeh


In a border village between Iran and Iraq, a group of villagers are doing animal husbandry.

Saheb, the teenage boy who owns the only male American bull, is heavily dependent on his bull and earns money by its servicing for breeding.


  • Born in  1990  in Ahwaz,  Iran.2012-  BA in  Environment  Engineering,  Ahwaz University.She started  her career with  making some documentary shorts in  her birthplace and after a while she became a famous and successful documentary filmmaker  who praised in the most important Iranian film festivals.

    She was selected  as one of the Young Future Talents at the Fajr

    International  Film  Festival 2016 and became able to attend some

    awesome workshops and master classes during the festival.

    She has also written  some novels and stage plays.

    The American  Bull ls her first experience  of making  a narrative  film.


Mi La Do – Documentary Short – 30 minutes

The City of Night – Documentary Short – 10 minutes

The Shivand River – Documentary Short –  10 minutes


The Blue Song of Love – 2007

Awards  & Trophies:

Winner of the Best Film Award at

Younth Cinema Society State Film Festival, Arvand-Abadan

Special Mention for the Best Technical Achievement

at the City International Documentary  Film Festival

Nominated for the Best Directing at the Cinema Verite, Iran International Documentary Film Festival

Nominated for the Best Directing at the

Tehran International Short Film Festival