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Original name: (Paagard/ پاگرد)

Short-film/Drama, 20 min, 2018, Color, Iran

Director: Mohsen banihashemi

Writer: Mohsen banihashemi

Producer: Mohsen banihashemi

Cast: Sara bahrami, Toomaj danesh behzadi, Faezeh yousefi,Kamelia ghazali


Saideh is separating from her husband (ahmad reza) . she wants transforming her house to other place before starting  court about wardship of her son.

Director’s Bio:

Mohsen Bani Hashemi Born on January 11, 1370, Iran_abhar graduated from theatre directing. During his studies at the University, he took many performances on the scene.

His empiricism made his works interesting at the festivals. He has worked as a documentary too, with a number of short and long documentaries with social stories.


75th Venice International Film Festival 2018 (Horizons short films section)