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Original name: هندی و هرمز

Drama, 88 min, 2018, Color, Iran

Director: Abbas Amini

Writer: Hossein Farrokhzadeh & Abbas Amini

Producers: Abbas Amini & Pouria Heidary

Cast: Hamed Alipour, Zohreh Eslami, Asma Daneh-chin, Mohammad Banouj


On the island of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, according to local custom, thirteen-year-old Hendi is married off to sixteen-year-old Hormoz. Despite the fact that the young couple hardly know each other, they fully enjoy the beginning of their married life together. But when Hendi unexpectedly becomes pregnant, Hormoz is forced to make an ill-advised pact with a smuggler.

Director’s Bio:

Abbas Amini was born in 1983 in Abadan, Iran and started making short films at the age of 13. After moving to Tehran, he started making documentary films and became especially orientated towards social and child welfare issues. He has since directed a number of shorts and documentaries on social issues and the terrible consequences of the Iran/Iraq war.

Hendi and Hormoz is Amini’s second feature fiction film as a director.


68th Berlin International Film Festival 2018 – Generation Competition.

NETPAC Award at 36th Fajr International Film Festival

Special Mention at the 3th ‘Health / Salamat’ Film Festival