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Original name: (Amir/ امیر)

Drama, 106 min, 2018, Color, Iran

Director: Nima Eghlima

Writer: Nima Eghlima

Producer: Ziya Hashemi

Cast: Milad Keymaram, Seyd Mostafa Ghadiri, Behdokht Valian, Sahar Dolat Shahi


Amir goes to the airport to welcome his friend Ali, where he realizes that Ali’s ex-wife Ghazal has taken their son Ardalan with her illegally and most probably will immigrate soon. Amir, Despite of all his personal problems, takes Ali to his office to find his ex-wife and son.

Director’s Bio:

Nima Eghlima was born on 01.12.1982 in the North of Iran, Golestan Province. He studied edit & dramatic literature to the master’s degree. Director of short films “Rima”, “Voice of the foot, “Root”, and” passage” .Cinematographer of the short film “being a woman”.


54th karlovy vary Film Festival 2018 – East of The West Competition